Apr 03

Self Talk

self talk

What are you saying?

I found this great pod-cast with Jeffery Combs, There’s something about listening to Jeffrey that will get you instantly productive and completely honest with yourself. Please take sometime and listen, he makes some great point on mindset and this creates success! Below is the embed audio of the podcast. Enjoy!

The topics he talks about!

1. What do you say when you talk to yourself? 
2. Why we do what we do 
3. The evolution of change 
4. Your words are your wand 
5. The power of your unconscious 
6. The language of selling 
7. Letting go of guilt and shame 
8. “This always happens to me” 
9. Learning how to write “Sales Copy” 
10. The new you 
11. “Speaking it into existence” 
12. Living in “The Now” and turning off the engine

Let me know on my FB fan pagewhat you think when you finish…?  

You Decide Today How Your Tomorrow Will Look & Feel!


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