Feb 08


Squirrel watch

My Dog Sport watching for squirrels.


Sport chasing a squirrel up a tree. Darn Tree house is in the way!

In the video below is the calmest dog I have ever seen around a squirrel. I know it says the squirrel is a pet but there is no way my dog would allows us to own a pet squirrel. 

Sport is getting older now (15 years old) and he does not see as well as he once did. I will miss him when he goes. But for the moment I will enjoy his company.

I will laugh at his funny quirks  and think of how God has blessed me with this lovely dog.

Sport has taught me so many things.

  1. Like let loose and have some fun!
  2. Have long naps on the flowers in the garden.
  3. Be determined, patient, and never give up on your goals and dreams. (or in his case getting a treat.)
  4. A good pack leader stays calm, collected, and assertive. Correct the situation and moved forward. Actually, I learned that from Cesar Millan but when I implemented this I saw a difference in myself which then transfered to Sport and if I had not had Sport around I would not of learned that.

All the Dogs in my life have changed me, especial the last two. They have helped me grow personally and for that I thank them. – Amanda

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