Jul 28

Success Story of Colonel Sanders.

What do Winners Do?


So often we think to be a winner you can’t fail.

Colonel Sanders from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) was 65 years old when he made a choice not to live on his month to month social security cheque of $99. 

His plan, give his chicken recipe, which was liked by his friends, to a restaurant for free and get a percentage of the sales of each piece of chicken sold. 

He had rejection after rejection as he travel to many US states. He fail to sell the idea and he received  1009  no’s before he got his first YES. 

He saw his dream and pursue it, believing that all it would take is one YES!

What is the Formula for success?

  1. Having a idea or product
  2. putting that idea or product into action
  3. following a plan
  4. persisting through rejections or obstacles to see you dream come true. 

So never, never, never quit! Be triumphant! Be a Winner!

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